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How Cavity Wall installation is carried out on your home
Your first contact with Ecosy Insulation will be through one of our surveyors at your home.
He/She will follow the guidelines set below by the NSAI and you will receive FREE survey and quotation.

Pre-Insulation procedures
Before installation is carried out we carry out a survey to analyse the suitability of your home for insulation.

Insultaion Truck
  1. Does the dwelling have a cavity wall?
  2. Width of cavity
  3. Existing Insulation
  4. Measure area's to be filled / remain unfilled
  5. Number of vents and flues
  6. Accessibility

Once the building has passed all above checks a quotation is given.

Day of insulation
On the day the insulation is to be carried out our installers should have the job completed in less than a day. To insulate your cavity walls, the installer drills small holes at a set drill pattern set by the I.A.B. around 22-25mm in size at intervals of around 600mm from the outside of your home. With specially designed equipment, we then pump the bead/adhesive insulation into the cavity.

Once all the insulation is in, the installer fills the holes in the brickwork with matching mortar so you'll barely notice them. Ecosy take pride on leaving your premises the same if not cleaner when our job is complete. 

On completion of the insulation you receive a 25 year product guarantee.

Please contact our office for free advice and quotation

Understanding SEI GRANTS
SEI Home Energy Grants Scheme now open for Applications Home Energy..  
Our system combines superior thermal performance hight thermal mass and airtightness to help achieve an A energy rating and a value of 0.20W/m_k  
Ecosy is a registered contractor under the Home Energy Saving scheme


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